Greg Dinner

Greg Dinner has been in the Film and Television Industry since 1981, working as a film and television executive in Los Angeles and London, as an educator and lecturer at both BA and MA level, and since 1992 as a practicing, produced screenwriter.  He grew up in Colorado and is a graduate of Columbia University (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) with a degree in English, History, Romance Languages and Modern Art, including course study at Columbia, Harvard, the University of Wisconsin, Warnborough House College in Oxford (a program for American Students) and the Université de Paris V (Sorbonne).

Greg began his media career in television production in New York, then worked on director/producer Michael Dinner's AFI graduation film, "Miss Lonelyhearts".  He went on to work for studio executive and producer Willie Hunt at United Artists, MGM, Ray Stark (Columbia) Productions and Tri Star Films, before moving to London in 1984.  There he worked under the mentorship and intellectual guidance of Lord David Puttnam, Sandy Lieberson and Jake Eberts at Goldcrest Films and Allied Filmmakers, learning from and working with such filmmakers as Lord Richard Attenborough, Alan Pakula, Alan Parker, Nils Gaup, Peter Yates, John Boorman, Terry Gilliam, Diane Kurys and Michael Apted.  He worked further with producer Guy East at Majestic Films and in a joint venture with financier John Heyman and his World Films.  In television Greg worked with producer Sarah Lawson and later was appointed Head of Drama Development at RTE, Dublin, the Irish State Broadcaster.

As a screenwriter in both film in television in the UK, US and Germany, Greg has worked with Walter Salles, Jr., Peter Yates, Nils Gaup, David Thacker, Bruce Goodison and Charles Beeson, amongst numerous others.  He has worked in both family films and romantic comedy in the past but now focuses primarily on factually backdropped thrillers with an interest in politics, human rights and history, as well as family adventure drama.  Screen work includes 'Shipwrecked' and 'The Matchmaker'.  Television includes 'Dead Men's Tales', 'Stranded' and 'Silent Witness'.  He has been commissioned on countless other film and television projects in Europe, the US, South America, China.

In his education and teaching work, Greg set up IDEES, the Institute for the Development of Entertainment in Education Strategies in 2013, to workshop and teach film, television and new media ethics to a younger generation of filmmakers.  Previously Greg was brought in by John Cleese to consult for the TEB White Screenwriting Fulbright Scholarship and lectured, tutored and taught at the DFFB, Berlin (Serial Eyes Program), Whistling Woods Mumbai, Leeds Metropolitan (Northern) University, and the London Film School, The Metropolitan Film School (London) and Bournemouth University in screenwriting, film and television development, with a focus on politics and film.  He mentored on the 3x3 Leave to Remain Refugee Program for Refugee Teenagers and the Leave to Remain Summer Film School Academy.

Greg's current film and television projects include for film ‘Rough Cut’ and 'Canopy' set in Antwerp and India with Filmline, Germany, a six part drama 'The Crossing set in Ireland, Lebanon, Israel and Syria.  In fiction Greg published ‘A Murmuration of Starlings’, adapted from his pilot television project ‘Shadow Wolf’ with Content Film and Television, and the follow-on novel, ‘Narcissus In Utero’ (2020).   He expects to publish a new novel, 'A Requiem for Hania', set in Warsaw 1938-43, 1968 and 2006-10, inspired by a true story, a book very close to his heart.

Greg has worked in film and television in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Norway, Italy and Brazil as a screenwriter, as well as an executive and a visiting tutor.  He is married to Annie, his wife of more than thirty years, and has with two grown sons.  He lives in the West of Ireland, is a dual Ireland and US National.  He lives most of the time in the West of Ireland, moving back and forth from there to London.


London (Greater London)

Feature Film/Television

Suffer the Children/Silent Witness (BBC) 2006  2x2 hr

Stranded/Hallmark (2002) 2x2hr

The Matchmaker (original screenplay)  Working Title  feature film

Dead Men's Tales (Lifetime) 6x30'

Au Pair (Hermes Film, German)  Feature Film

Shipwrecked (Disney) 1991  Feature

Uncredited rewrites:

Rainbow (1994)  Feature

Exposure (1991) Feature

Pathfinder (1988)  English Language/Feature

Projects in Development:  countless; contact writer for full credits


A Murmuration of Starlings (2016) Ogham and Dabar/Amazon

Narcissus in Utero (2019) Ogham and Dabar /Amazon

A Requiem for Hania (2021/2)

Books, Film, Television