Martin Day

I've been a freelance writer for over 25 years. In that time I have written for BBC One’s Doctors, Channel 5’s Family Affairs and RTÉ’s Fair City. I was lead writer on CBBC’s Crisis Control, and have a number of original film and television projects in development (hell).

I’ve also written 12 novels and audiobooks, two audio plays for Big Finish, and eight non-fiction books – most of these have concerned television in general and Doctor Who in particular. In October 2016 I started a three-year stint as an Associate Lecturer in Creative at Bath Spa University and from the autumn of 2020 I will be an RLF Fellow at the University of Bristol. I also have an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa and am working on finding a home for a literary novel and a thriller.

I’ve also written comic strips, short stories and journalism. I live in Somerset, and am married to a GP.

South West (Wessex)

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Tel: 020 3137 8182


* Fair City: RTÉ, 30-minute episodes Series 26, Episode 111 (9 July 2015) Series 26, Episode 161 (14 October 2015)

* Doctors: BBC1, 30-minute episodes – The Way of the Warrior (8 November 2013) Embarrassing Bodies (27 September 2013) Stockholm Syndrome (11 December 2012) Naqam (16 February 2012) Pretending to See the Future (17 Mar 2011) Bleeding (9 March 2010) Pink Ribbon (8 December 2008) The Horrors (8 September 2008) Angels and Shadows (9 November 2007) All You Need is… (18 December 2006) ASBO (21 March 2006) The Girl Who Came Back (24 May 2005) True Romance (7 January 2005)

* Bernice Summerfield – Missing Persons: Big Finish CD The Revenant’s Carnival (60 minutes, December 2013)

* Crisis Control: CBBC, 30-minute episodes Lead writer (13 episodes, 2 January – 27 March 2009)

* Doctor Who: Big Finish CD No Man’s Land (4 x 30-minute episodes, November 2006)

* Family Affairs: Channel 5, 30-minute episodes – Episode 1018 (21 February 2001) Episode 1002 (30 January 2001) Episode 975 (22 December 2000) Episode 956 (27 November 2000) Episode 946 (13 November 2000) Episode 907 (19 September 2000) Episode 811 (8 May 2000) Episode 792 (11 April 2000) Episode 762 (29 February 2000)



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Books, Film, Radio, Short story, Television