Jon Cooksey

I'm a writer/producer/showrunner who works in all genres of film, television and digital -- including comedy, drama, sci fi and family -- and have won or been nominated for Emmy, Humanitas, Gemini, Leo and Cable Ace awards in TV, plus numerous awards for my comedic feature documentary about saving civilization, How to Boil a Frog.

I'm currently preparing to take a number of original series into the US market, including:

  • Dark Iris, a Latino horror anthology twisted around themes of cultural identity and assimilation, with Mucho Mas Media and Camapanario Entertainment

  • The Sisterhood, a darkly comedic female revenge drama based on the series of 30 best-selling novels by Fern Michaels, currently at WME for packaging

  • IRIS, a witty action-adventure about international spies created for eOne, with financing from Tele Munchen in place

  • Skyland, a drama series (in the vein of Ozark) about his experiences in Kentucky, with Halfire Entertainment (Alias Grace), and

  • Beating Back the Devil, a Millennial thriller about fighting bioterrorism, based on the non-fiction book of the same name.

Previous credits as showrunner include Arctic Air, Shattered, The Best Years and my original series The Collector.  I've developed 14 pilots for various prodcos and networks, including Comedy Central, FX and ITV (UK), and have run series for Disney Channel and Nickelodeon in the US, for Rogers, Global, CBC and Space in Canada. Altogether I've produced over 150 hours of TV.

On the feature side, I've recently finished Los Angeles: Being the True Story of the largest Lynching in the History of America, and the birth of a City, about the mystery behind the Chinatown Massacre of 1871, based on IP. Other recent features include The Oracle’s Wife, a biopic about M. King Hubbert, one of the great minds of the 20th century who foresaw the end of the Oil Age, and Hindenburg LZ-129, a film noir thriller that uses the famous disaster as a springboard.

On the digital side, I'm developing a slate of interactive VR projects with Titan1Studios, plus writing and producing a high-budget pilot presentation for AMD, to be premiered in 2019.  Details are covered by NDA, but in general my goal is to break the boundaries of current entertainment silos, creating broad audiences across multiple platforms (MR/AR/VR, games, TV series, movies, live events, storyworlds, theme park rides, etc.), with stories that have an international appeal.


Jon is repped by Bob Getman at Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer in the US, and by Jennifer Hollyer Agency in Canada. He’s a dual citizen, and a member of WGA, WGC and WGGB.

Credits include:

Series TV:

  • “Spides”– Writer (Katapult Filmproduktions/NBCUniversal Media)

  • “Dark Iris”/Pilot – Co-creater/Writer – In Development (Mucho Mas Media/Campanario Entertainment)

  • “Skyland”/pilot – Creator/Writer – In Development (Halfire Ent.)

  • “Beating Back the Devil”/pilot (based on the non-fiction book of the same name) – Adapter/Writer – In Development (Fools Bay Entertainment)

  • "Metro”/Multi-platform series – Creator/Writer – In Development (Fools Bay Entertainment,AMD)

  • “The Sisterhood”/Pilot & 2nd ep (based on the series of NY Times best-sellers by Fern Michaels) – Adapter/Writer – In Development (David Brady Productions)

  • “IRIS”/Pilot – Co-creator/Writer – In Development (Force Four Entertainment/Fools Bay Entertainment/Rogers Media)

  • “Sequitur Acuminata”/multi-platform series – Creator/Writer – In Development (Fools Bay Entertainment)

  • “Jagged Little Pill”/Pilot – Creator/Writer – In Development (Fools Bay Entertainment)

  • “Perfection”/Pilot – Creator/Writer – In Development (Fools Bay Entertainment)

  • “Chasmatica”/Pilot – Creator/Writer – In Development (Fools Bay Entertainment)

  • “Killjoys” – Co-Executive Producer – Season 2 (Temple Street/SyFy/Space)

  • “Beowulf” – Writer (ITV/ITV Studios)

  • “Arctic Air” – Executive Producer/Showrunner (Omni Films/CBC)

  • “Steeling & Gold”/Pilot – Co-Creator/Writer (ITV Studios)

  • “Primeval: New World” – Consulting Producer (Omni Films/Space/UKTV/ProSieben)

  • “Commonwealth”/Pilot & Bible – Creator/Writer (eOne/Shaw Media)

  • “Shattered” – Executive Producer (E1/Global)

  • “The Best Years”/Season 2 – Showrunner/Head Writer/Creative Consultant (Blueprint Entertainment/Global/The N)

  • “Moon Knight”/Pilot & Bible – Creator/Writer (Marvel Studios/Moonshine Productions/Space)


  • “Pteranodon”/MOW – Writer (Omni Films/Discovery Canada)

  • “Revolution”/Feature documentary – Creative Consultant (Sharkwater Productions)

  • “How to Boil a Frog”/Feature documentary – Writer/Director/Producer (Fools Bay Entertainment)

  • “Dragon Reef”/Feature – Co-Writer (Sharkwater Productions)

  • “ReBoot” – Writer (Rainmaker Animation)


  • “Project Red”/pilot presentation – Writer/Producer (AMD)

  • “Progress Bar Girl”/Web series – Creator – In Development (Fools Bay Entertainment)

  • “Killjoys” – lyrics, episode 203 (Temple Street)

  • “Arctic Air” season 3 – transmedia materials (video, audio, graphics) & social media (CBC online)

  • “How to Boil a Frog” website, blog & mini-documentaries ( – Writer/producer/director

  • “The Collector” website ( – blog & content creation

  • “So Weird” – lyrics and composer supervision for all songs

  • “So Weird” website & online episodes – Writer/Story Editor

  • "Rugrats Live Adventure"/Stage Show – Book & Lyrics (Nickelodeon/PACE Entertainment)

Animation, Childrens writing, Comedy, Comedy (topical), Film, Online writing, Television


Next came the squids.

We didn't know at first who'd started hanging them up. They were alive, so they weren't toys, really. It didn't seem right somehow, them being up there in the branches.  Who would do that?

It wasn't until we couldn't sleep one night, another lightning storm, the kind that only seemed to hang over Unity Farm, that we saw her in the branches, high up, hanging them.


Where did she get them?  I've thought about it for a long time and I still can't figure it out. It wasn't like there was an ocean nearby (or was there one and they never told us?). And how would she catch a squid?  Was there a squid store somewhere?  (We never saw one in town.)

And why didn't they ever die?

(We had pictures of a squid in one of our home-school books, that's how we knew they were squids. But it didn't say they never die.)

I wish I knew what their secret was.

Maybe they were a special kind. We decided it was magic. Stupid little girls (but maybe not so stupid). Even so, we'd take up cups of water and soak them when it didn't rain. They were as close as we had to pets.

I guess you learn to love whatever there is to love.