Georgia Keighery

East Anglia

The Other Foot

Dark Comedy
Running time: 11 mins
Cast: 1 Female

Originally produced by Riff Raff Theatre as part of their “Lost Soles” season:
London Design Festival, London, 2013  
Director: Amie Taylor
Cast: Leanna Wigginton

Published through Australian Script Centre:


Awkward Redemption

Dark Comedy
Running time: 12 mins
Cast: 1 Male

Originally produced by Bits of Obits for their play festival: London, 2012 
Director: Emma Sampson
Cast: Dominik Golding

Published through Australian Script Centre:


Some Mysterious Ways

Dark Comedy
Running time: 10 mins
Cast: 1 female

Originally produced as part of Prompt Theatre’s season “One 2 One” Studio Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 2001.

“Some Mysterious Ways” was also produced by White Room Theatre’s Bite-Size plays in Brighton, England, and preview events for Edinburgh Festival in 2009.

Published through Australian Script Centre:


The Flats

(“The Flats” received a commendation at the 2003 Philip Parsons Young Playwright Award)

Dark Comedy (monologues collection)
Running time: aprox. 45mins
Cast: 7 (females 4 / 5 males 2 / 3)
Seven actors plus one DJ. DJ can be either male or female.

Originally produced by Prompt Theatre
PACT Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 2002
Director: Steven Rassion
Choreographer: Edith Podesta
DJ: Simon H
Cast: Ben Borgia, Daniel Hudson, Cecily Hardy, Georgia Keighery, Edith Podesta, Samuel Routledge and Jessica Symes

Published through Australian Script Centre: