Ann Clifford

I have spent over 30 years creating – from magician’s assistant (being placed in a cardboard box and having 18 swords thrust through it – I will never tell!) to actress, playwright, community dramatist, theatre director, screenwriter, film-maker, special needs teacher, prison worker, charity worker,  speaker, novelist and mother of two.

Why create? It is my life-blood, my DNA, always I want to make something beautiful, something alive, something that communicates.  When I finish a piece I have to deal with my disappointment.  I think next time I can do better.  Next time I hope it will be more beautiful.

I was born in Westminster and am back living in London with husband Steve, and loving it.  I LOVE LONDON – what a great city.

I am a life-lover, laugh-lover, people-lover, God-lover and dreamer.  My friends are really important to me and are generally way cheaper than therapy.

My best moment to date - launching my first non-fiction book Time to Live: The Beginners Guide to Saying Goodbye.

London (Greater London)

Instant Apostle Ltd

Where is God in our 21st Century World published by Instant Apostle (September 2018) available at Exhibition of same name Gallery@Oxo, Oxo Tower Wharf 29 March - 8 April 2018

Time to Live - The Beginner's Guide to Saying Goodbye published Instant Apostle (Sept 15, 2017)

Ealing Passion 2015, 2016 - writer and director

Occupation a Kindle ebook 2014

Shaking Dreamland feature film produced by Eagle Films Ltd distributed by LifeSize Entertainment 2007

Let's Do Lunch produced Eagle Films 2002

The Letter play produced First Floor Theatre at Westminster Theatre Season 1 & 2 1988, 1989

Split play produced Straight Talk Theatre 1986-1988



Books, Film, Short story, Theatre