Eliza Langland

Lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.


Broadcast media, professional theatre, short stories, non-fiction books, comedy.

Teaching at college and adult education level.


Stiven Christie Management
Phone: +44 (0)131 228 4040
1 Glen Street
United Kingdom

Amazon: "Elsinore. Hamlet, history hidden in plain sight." (March 2019) Historical narrative non-fiction.

Amazon Kindle: "Thou Art Alive: a professional’s guide to playing Shakespeare his way." (2017) Non-fiction e-book.

BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play: “Mamihlapinatapai”

BBC and INDEPENDENT: features, drama-docs, short stories, abridgements, educational dramas, audio-description, short film script- editing, comedy/musical stand-up.

St. Magnus Festival, Orkney:  “The Odyssey” (musical multi-media)

Aberdeen: Radio Northsound “Rain in a North Sky” Radio drama-doc (Sony awards – commended)

Fraserburgh:  Fraserburgh Youth Theatre Summer School “Fin I’m Aller”

Edinburgh: “Twelve Angry Men” Comedy adaptation Edinburgh Acting School

Edinburgh: “The Mousetrap” Shakespeare adaptation. Edinburgh Acting School

Edinburgh Napier Univ. Business School: “Young Entrepreneurs”comedy/corporate interactive.

Orkney: Shapinsay Community Play (musical, multi-media)

Books, Comedy, Poetry, Radio, Short story, Theatre


Elsinore: Hamlet. History hidden in plain sight. 

This book is for anyone with an interest in theatre, acting, Shakespeare, the history of Mary Queen of Scots, political spin, how and why Hamlet was written, the forgotten real-life historical figures behind Hamlet, where Elsinore is and how to find it… It’s all here for the taking but there are many more revelations, not least the title and author of Hamlet’s book. Often conjectured, many times claimed but never conclusively identified, not only is it revealed but also the deeper secret the book contains. That's a secret hidden in plain sight for 400 years! Elsinore: Hamlet. History hidden in plain sight, so full of so many astonishing insights and revelations, you’ll wonder why you never knew any of this before. You’ll see the play very differently after this. (You may see history differently too.)