A D Cooper

I am from a copywriting background creating communications across all media including digital but particularly experienced writing corporate film scripts. I've also published short stories, film related articles (The Spread online ongoing) and joke books.

After winning several  script awards and getting options for short and feature scripts, I started directing my own scripts as well. This has resulted in 18 shorts since 2010, including corporate films, a documentary and a drama museum installation. The remaining dramas for Hurcheon Films have been selected for international film festivals, nominated for multiple awards from different festivals,  with "Ace" receiving Best Direction and Best Photography from one and Best Short from another. In 2016, I completed an award-winning documentary, a lyrical non-narrative microfilm about wind and weather, an award-winning supernatural short shot in the film noir style, and a poetry film for the Directors UK Alexa Challenge as one of six winners.

In 2018, I directed a 2 minute film for the Visible Poetry Project in the USA (streaming April 2018). In 2019 I directed a bike short and an award-winning beekeepers' centenary film (TX on local TV stations in 2021).

I've developed one of my shorts into a one-woman theatre piece which was on a London fringe stage in February 2016. This is now developed as a feature script. My play "The Waiting Room" was one of the 18 winners in the Stockwell Playhouse One Act Play Festival in 2019.

Despite the lock downs and restrictions, I shot two short films from my own scripts as well as a music video in 2020. These are all now complete bringing my directing total to 18.

My radio play "What did you do in the war, Mama?" is being made in to a podcast with Towton Audio (completion by June 2021). I will shoot a dark comedic short later this year from my own script for Jokers Pack Productions.

Currently finessing my directorial debut script, collaborating on a kids sitcom and a feature documentary, I am a member of the BAFTA Crew for a third year, part of the ITV 50:50 comedy initiative, and the FIlm London/UKTV Equal Access programme.

London (Greater London)

Meg Davis


Studio 315, Screenworks, 22 Highbury Grove, London N5 2ER tel: 020 3214 8287

What did you do in the war, Mama? Radio play as a podcast (Towton Audio)

Put Away (2021) a short film inspired by the isolation of the lockdown. (Hurcheon Films)

Odds (2021) a short dark film. (Hurcheon Films)

Neat Cleats (2019) a short film about a couple trying out their new bike cleats and discovering something else entirely. Nominated for two awards.(Hurcheon Films)

The Waiting Room (2019) Theatre play. Selected for the Stockwell Playhouse One Act Play Festival. Staged June. (Hurcheon Ltd)

Home to the Hangers (2017) a short about WW1 poet Edward Thomas finding healing in his familiar haunts on the Hampshire hills or hangers. Writer, producer, director. Co-Winner of the Directors UK Alexa Challenge. Hurcheon Films. Completed April 2017. Winner of four awards.

The Penny Dropped (2016) supernatural drama short film. Winner: Award of Merit (One Reeler Film Festival USA 2017), Best Sound Designer (Southampton International Film Festival 2017) plus other awards and nominations.

Spring on the Strand (2016) a microshort  poem about spring, wind and weather. Wrote, directed and filmed. Selected by four North American smart phone film festivals in 2017, nominated for three awards, selected for festivals in Netherlands and Italy in 2018.

A Small Dot On The Western Front (2016) - a 75-minute one-woman theatre piece as writer, director and producer presented 10-13 February 2016 at the Vauxhall Tea House Theatre, London. (Hurcheon Ltd)

Writing the Peace (2016) - short documentary as director and producer. I wrote a version of the script as director. (Hurcheon Films) Winner Best Documentary 2017 (Dorking Film Festival), Best Short Documentary 2018 (USA) and selected for the Imperial War Museum Short Film Festival 2017.

A Small Dot On The Western Front (2014) - short film. Writer, director, co-producer. (Hurcheon Films).

The Spread  articles for an online film magazine including reviews and industry commentary (2012-7)

John Keaton (2014) - short story in ebook The clock struck war (Mardibooks) Writer. Publication was the prize for a short story competition.

Ace (2013) - short film. Writer, director, co-producer (Hurcheon Films). Winner: Best Short in the London Rolling Film Festival (October 2016) and five other awards

The state of the nation (2013) - corporate film (schmick.tv) writer, director

London. The city in balance (2013) - corporate film (schmick.tv) writer, director

Stranger Danger (2012) - short film. Writer, director, co-producer (Hurcheon Films), three award nominations.

The view from the window (2012) - short film. Writer, director (Hurcheon Films) 5 award nominations. Award-winning script.

The Flask (2011) -  short film/museum installation (ASC) Writer, director

Feet (2010) - short film. Writer, director, exec producer (Hurcheon Films) Multiple award nominations

Ninja Warrior (2007-8) - writer of 'as live' commentary. 89 x 23 minute episodes (Pintsize Pictures/Challenge TV)

If men really ruled the world (1999) Humour book as Vincent Furnier (West 1 Publishing)

If women really ruled the world (1999) Humour book (West 1 Publishing)

Articles about women's rugby for Rugby World (own column 1988-96) and other specialist rugby publications including the Rothmans Rugby Year Book, First XV and Rugby News.


Childrens writing, Comedy, Film, Online writing, Poetry, Radio, Short story, Television, Theatre