Coinneach Shanks

I'm Coinneach Shanks, ex researcher and psychotherapist, and now the creator of the Wabbit Adventures. I do the following - stories, photographs, photo-collage, character development, story-lining and creature animation for my fantastic Adventures of the Wabbit. 

Together with Camilla Galli da Bino, I designed the Skarrots, the Food Dragon, the Puppet Government, Moloch, the Swarm and the Light Creatures. But these creatures do keep coming! I also invented Rabbit Jenny the Pirate, the Normots, Panico, and many others. Some of the characters also have their own Twitter accounts.

Permissions for photo use may be addressed to and I'll always make a reduction for autistic charities and organisations. The background photos are generally available as stock. 


Writer/Producer:  Into the Light. EU documentary.

Writer/ Photographer: Equal to the Future, Youth in Northern Ireland.

Author of:   Of mice and music: Image, Soundtrack and Historical Opportunity.

The Soundtrack Journal (2013) Vol 6: Numbers 1 & 2, PP 67-81

Creator/photographer/Writer: Follow the Wabbit, successful web adventure blog. Now 10 years old with 2 million page views.

Animation, Film, Online writing