David Allison

David’s 6-part psychological drama, THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR, a Channel 4/Starz co-production filmed in Leeds and Belgium this year and will TX in the UK in Autumn '23 and in the US next year. He’s also developing international thriller VANISHING POINT for Red Planet Pictures, BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY, an audio musical for Universal Music/Audible and YÉ-YÉ, a series about the French pop scene of the 60s, co-written with Axelle Ropert for Studiocanal Original in Paris.

He recently wrote 2 episodes for Season 3 of MARCELLA for ITV/Netflix, including the series finale.

David’s 4 part serial BOY MEETS GIRL, a comedy drama starring Martin Freeman and Rachael Stirling, was transmitted on ITV1 in 2009. In 2010, he co-created and wrote BEDLAM, a supernatural series for Sky Living, the channel’s first ever foray into original drama. The 6 part series aired in the UK and on BBC America in 2011. Recommissioned by Sky Living, Bedlam Series 2 aired 2012. His original 5 part legal thriller THE CASE tx’d on BBC1 Daytime stripped across a week in 2011.

David lives in Leeds with his wife, who also works in the industry, and their 2 children. A music fan and DJ, he hosts a monthly foreign language music show, Mondo Pop, for Alto Radio, and co-hosts an album of the month podcast, This Is Not Happening.


Julia Tyrrell

THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR - All 6 episodes of new original series for C4/Starz.

SUSPECT S2 - 3 episodes of 2nd series, currently filming (in 2023).

MARCELLA S3 2020 - Episodes 3 and 8.

BEDLAM - 2 series of original series (wrote or co-wrote 5 episodes in total), first series TX 2011, 2nd series TX 2012, both on SkyLiving. BBC America TX 2011.

THE CASE - 5 part original series, 2011 TX on BBC1

BOY MEETS GIRL - 4 part original series, 2009 TX on ITV1

HOLLYOAKS: 1999 - 2002





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