Charles Way

Charles Way is one of Britain's leading writer's for children and young people and his work is performed across the globe. He has written over 50 plays and is published by Aurora Metro Press, {Seren books Collins and Longman}. In America his work is represented by 'Plays for young Audiences' in Minneapolis, and in Germany by 'Theatrstuekverlag' in Munich. He has won many awards including the Arts Council's Children's Award in 2004 for Red Red Shoes [Unicorn Theatre] and the German Children's Award for 'Missing'. Charles is well known for his versions of classic tales such as The Snow Queen [Sherman Theatre] and Wanted! Robin Hood [Library Theatre]. His version of Sleeping Beauty [Polka Theatre] has received multiple productions in Britain , The US and Russia. Charles' work for adults include adaptations of well known novels such as Hard Times and On the Black Hill. During the 1980's the author contributed a significant numbers of plays to Companies such as Hijinx Theatre, The Orchard. Gwent Theatre and New Perspectives.These include the much toured 'In the Bleak Mid Winter' and 'Dead Man's Hat.' In 2014 he wrote RAGANAROK for Eastern Angles Theatre. A full Biography , pictures ,videos and information about how to obtain scripts can be found at his website-

Charles has written many works for radio including a film Poem for BBC 2 Wales called No Borders.


Charles Way


* Marks plays either for children, young people or a family audience.

Plays-                                                              First Produced by-

 The Monkey and the Crocodile *                   Theatre Centre 1979

She Scored for Wales                                     Gwent Theatre 1981

Lorna Doone [adaptation]                              Orchard Theatre 1982

Bread and Roses                                             Gwent Theatre 1983

In Living Memory *                                       Gwent Theatre 1983

Funny Boys                                                     Gwent Theatre 1984

Witness                                                           Dukes Playhouse Lancaster 1985

On The Black Hill [adaptation]                     Made in Wales Stage company 1985

The Fall of the Roman Empire                      Hijinx theatre 1987

Bordertown                                                     The Town of Monmouth 1987

The Flood *                                                    Unicorn Theatre 1988

Paradise Drive                                                            Hijinx theatre 1988

The Stone Throwers                                       Spectacle theatre 1989

In the Bleak Mid Winter                                Hijinx theatre 1990

Ash on a Young Man’s Sleeve [Adaptation] Sherman Theatre 1991

Frankenstein [Adaptation]                             Orchard Theatre 1991

Dead Man’s Hat                                             Orchard Theatre 1992

Eye of the Storm *                                         SNAP theatre 1992

The Search for Odysseus*                              Made in Wales Stage Company 1993

Sleeping Beauty *                                          Polka theatre 1993

Sweeney Todd [Musical]                               Orchard Theatre 1993

Looking out to See *                                      Sherman Theatre 1994

A Spell Of Cold Weather *                            Sherman Theatre/ Theatre Centre 1995

Somebody Loves You [Musical]                   New Perspectives theatre 1995

The Dove Maiden                                           Hijinx Theatre 1996

Playing from the Heart *                                Polka theatre 1998

The Borrowers [Adaptation]*                                    Polka Theatre 1999

Cinderella *                                                    Library Theatre Manchester 1999

Independent People [adaptation]                   New Perspectives Theatre 2000

Alice, an adventure in Wonderland*             Regent’s Park/Unicorn 2001

Beauty and the Beast*                                                Library Theatre 2002

Red Red Shoes*                                              Unicorn theatre/The Place 2003

One Snowy Night*                                         Chichester 2003

Alice in the News*                                         National Theatre 2003

Granddad’s Big Adventure*                          Chichester 2004

The Dutiful Daughter*                                   West Yorkshire Playhouse 2005

The Ghost’s of Scrooge [Musical]                 Library Theatre Manchester 2004/5

Merlin and the Cave of Dreams*                   Imagination Stage, USA 2004

Still Life                                                         Plymouth Theatre Royal 2005

The Tinderbox *                                              Gwent Theatre/Unicorn theatre 2004

The Golden Goose*                                        Library Theatre 2006

Sinbad the untold Tale*                                 Theatre by the lake Keswick 2006

The Last Pirate*                                             Gwent + Spectacle Theatres 2007

Looking for Gretel [Missing]*                      Consol Th + Th Iolo 2008

The Iron Ring *                                              Minneapolis CTC-2008

Pirates*                                                           Imagination Stage+ Polka Theatre 2009

Slings and Arrows*                                        Gwent Theatre. 2010

Hard Times [adaptation]                                Library theatre 2009

The Man who walked through Walls             Theatre Powys 2011

Wanted! Robin Hood                                     Library Theatre, Manchester 2014

Nivelli’s War *                                               Cahoots NI 2014

Ragnarok                                                        Eastern Angles Theatre 2014

The Gift *                                                       Cahoots NI 2015