Gary Thomas

Film & TV
2 Weddings – Rom Com
The Next Worst Thing – a TV Spec - comedy drama
Inheritance Job – Rom com

‘Hidden’ a half hour monologue to premiere in April 2013.
This is my first piece specifically for theatre, and will be presented again as part of Wandsworth Fringe Festival, 19th & 22nd May at Theatre N16.

I have made numerous short films and film installations, mostly funded by Arts Council, and am currently working on a film installation about mental health which will be screened at Fabrica Gallery in Brighton in June 2016.

I also write short stories and  have written my memoir.


Disability Arts Online
Gary writes a regular blog about his work, his views on disability art and more.

London (Greater London)

2 Weddings - Feature rom com spec

Inheritance Job - Feature rom com spec

The Next Worst Thing - TV comedy drama spec

Comedy, Comedy (topical), Film, Radio, Short Story, Television, Theatre