Emma Austin-Jones

My name is Michele Lammas, I write professionally as Emma Austin-Jones which is an amalgamation of family names.

I’m a freelance screenwriter and the MD of Moosecat Creative Ltd. Moosecat supports screenwriting, acting, and film production talent in Worcestershire, UK. We produce films and web-series episodes between one and five minutes in length.


West Midlands

A self-published illustrated book for children: The Lilac Story this was a TEAJA book, for charity.

One published collection of poetry: The Poetical Works of Emma Austin-Jones

One 110 minute film for the American production company HHTV Film, as the senior writer for SXSW Fashion.

Film scripts previously optioned by Sonder Pictures UK include:

  • Bread and Jam (pilot) plus six 30-minute episodes. 

Books, Film, Poetry, Radio, Scripted reality, Short story


The Girls on Platform 2

Orange faces,

vanilla hair,

converse trainers,

vacant stares.

Emma Austin-Jones

Sample from The Lilac Story, illustrated by Danny Phillips.

Lacsickle-dapsickle-mocksickle-dopsickle-toetickle-tummygiggle-fluff. There was never enough room on things for a name like that and everyone decided that it was easier to say, Lac.

Sample from Hebentref:

[...] He laughed and it made him cough, then he drew up a ball of thick phlegm and spat it down into the face of the young girl below us [...]


Extract from SXSW film unavailable due to contract terms and restrictions.

Extract from Rosie and the Tishan:

[...] Florian grabbed his handkerchief and ran into the wall. Standing up and shaking himself, he pushed his helmet back, then walked out of the Guard House into the sunny courtyard. He could see Tarquin bounding along the top of the courtyard wall toward the gatehouse and hear Cleo blowing her trumpet. Florian had wanted to be the trumpet blower, but he didn’t own one, and Cleo said that the best guards always blew their own trumpets. [...]

Extracts are unavailable for scripts commissioned by Sonder Pictures UK due to contract terms.