Steve has won RTS Awards, Writers Guild Awards and BAFTA nominations. His work includes stage and radio plays, TV series, individual TV dramas, and feature films, including the award winning GUY X. He has had over 100 TV scripts produced and 8 feature films made. He wrote a book about the Boer War, and won an Eric Gregory award for poetry. His work has been read, produced and performed all over the world to critical acclaim. This also includes includes 17 books, 9 stage plays and poetry. His novels have exceptional sales on Amazon - including thrillers, fantasy, satire - and his novel – THE NATURAL LAW - went straight to number one in the Amazon Kindle Singles bestsellers. He also acts and directs – in 2012 he performed his own show at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to considerable acclaim – “This show is anarchic, gut-wrenchingly funny and full of wonderful theatrical surprises” (Stratford Review). He has also performed one man shows at the Edinburgh Fringe  - Dick in Space and Ron the Plumber. His BBC film Hawkins, a gritty detective thriller, was the lead film in a Canadian Britflicks season. During his time at the BBC Mal Young, then Head of Drama, said “He is a major voice in the writing of TV Drama.” His children’s work for TV was widely lauded – “’Steve Attridge is the first point of call for any new Children’s Drama” – John York, Head of ITV Children’s.

West Midlands


Sometimes I Disappear, Wild Wolf Publishing 2022

 The Second Sex,  Endeavour Press 2015

Human All Too Human, (omnibus edition and German translation) Endeavour Press 2015

Beyond Good and Evil, Endeavour Press 2015

The Boer War, Endeavour Press 2014

The Natural Law, Endeavour Press 2014

Philosophical Investigations, Endeavour Press 2013

Waking Dreams, Endeavour Press 2013

Behind Closed Doors, Endeavour Press 2013

Bottom of the List, Endeavour Press 2012

The Harrowing of Ben Hartley, BeWrite Books 2012

Bottom of the List, Novel BeWrite Books, 2010

Parks, autobiographical picaresque novel, 2010

DreamTown, Novel 2009

The Terrible Temper of Tina Trimble, Novel 2009

Jake’s Diary, Treatment for original novel commissioned by Macmillan 2001

Harmony’s Holiday, Penguin 1999

Mango’s Great Escape, Harper Collins 1998

Flame Fights Back, Harper Collins 1998

Bartholomew the Champion, Harper Collins 1997

Trash Cat’s Secret, Harper Collins 1997

Toffee’s Big Problem, Harper Collins 1997

Thumper the Brave, Harper Collins 1997

Jake’s Big Chance in Gary Lineker’s Favourite Football Stories, Macmillan Children’s 1997

Harmony’s Return, Penguin 1996

The Boot Street Band, BBC Books 1993

Billy Webb’s Amazing Story, BBC Books 1991

Poems in various magazines and journals 1985-





Division of the Spoils, Midsomer Murders, spec script for Bentley Productions 2014

The Scouts, developing TV/Film idea in collaboration with director 2014

The Cloning of Colin Crumb, developing CBBC TV series 2014

Sam Foote, Pitch for Kindle Entertainment 2014

Horrid Henry, Story Ideas for Novel Entertainment, ITV 2013

Irina’s Choice, Script polish for Hannu Oravisto  ESKAPIC OY, 2012

Fever, Feature film, on the life of Ignaz Semmelweis for Popcorn Movies, 2011

Collider, 100 min feature sci-fi script, beactivemedia, 2011

Eva, Feature film made by Artis Film, premiered at Cannes 2010

Closing Down, Screenplay 2009

Mission London, Script polish for feature film, Camera Lts. film company, Bulgaria, 2008

Olympic Heights, Drama Series idea developed with Leopard Films, 2007

Christian Stone Developing Drama Series with Mal Young and Serena Cullen at 19TV 2006-07

Witches in Suburbia, Developing Drama Series with Mal Young and Serena Cullen at 19TV 2006-07

Elizabeth Bathory, Feature film Script Consultant for Jakubisko Films, 2005

Victim of the Aurora, Adapatation of T. Keneally’s novel as feature film for F.A.M.E 2004-05

A Very Literary Death, Feature Film for F.A.M.E. 2004-06

GUY X, Feature Film for F.A.M.E 2005

If, Drama Documentary series (3 scripts) for Current Affairs BBC 2003-04

Don’t Mess with the Dooneys, Original Drama Series developed for BBC, 2003-04

Anastezsi, Feature Film for Sintra Productions, Italy, 2003-04

The Wishing Game, Feature Film, writer of treatment for Makefilm Productions, 2003

The Brontes, 2x60 min Drama Documentaries for BBC1 2003

The Shadow of the Sword, Feature Film for Birdpic Films 2003

Niceland, Feature Film - Dialogue Editor/Script Consultant, for ZikZak Filmworks 2002

George Eliot, 1x 60 min Drama Documentary for BBC 1 2002

Turner, The Man Who Painted England, Drama Documentary about Joseph Turner for BBC1 2002

On The Run, Treatment for original series commissioned by Tiger Aspect 2002

The Bill, Various episodes for Thames Television 2001-10

Oscar Charlie, 3 episodes for BBC 2002

Blackwood End, Treatment for Original Drama Series for Tim Vaughan, Producer 2002

Hawkins Original 2 hour Thriller Film for BBC 1 2001

Sam, Original Feature Film screenplay for F.A.M.E 2001

Grass, Treatment for Original Drama Series for Stormy Pictures 2001 also optioned by Tiger Aspect 2002

Dalziel and Pascoe for BBC 1 2000

The Scarlet Pimpernel Script for BBC 1 2000

The Whisperers, Original screenplay as pilot for series for Carlton Television 1999

Henry Root - the Series, Co-writer of pilot episode, Tiger Aspect 1999

Harbour Lights (2 x 6 part series) for BBC 1998-99

The Transfer, Feature Film script for Film and General/Carlton 1999

The Hendersons, Treatment for Original Drama Series, Talkback Television 1998

The Queen’s Nose (3 x 6 part series) for Film and General/BBC 1993-96

The Boot St Band (Original 2 x 6 part series) for BBC. 1st series co-written with Andrew Davies 1993-94

Harry’s Mad (4 x 6 part series) for Film and General/Central Television 1991-1995

Billy Webb’s Amazing Story (Original 1x6 series) for BBC 1990

Awayday Boys, Original Screenplay 1990

Breakfast with Jamie, Original Screenplay 1989

Wild Dog, pilot sitcom episode co-written with Andrew Davies 1989



               STAGE PLAYS


Sherlock Holmes in Love, for the Warks Players, 2014

The Bible in Twelve Short Acts, (Writer, Director, Performer) Albion Books 2014

Chaos, Carnage and Konfusion, (Writer, Director, Performer) Hawk Productions Ltd. Touring 2012-14

The Country Wife (abridging and adapting) Watermill Theatre, 2012

Nowhere Man 2011

Iraq   2010

We Are Such Stuff 2009

Matilda and Duffy’s Stupendous Space Adventure, performed at the Watermill Theatre, Berkshire, Nov 2008 - Jan 2009

The Wedding Arts Council funded community play, documentary drama 1987 (Writer/Director)

Whispers in the Forest, children’s play 1987(Writer/Director)

Peasants Revolt Northern Lights Tour 1984-86(Writer/Director)

Kites Stopgap Theatre Co. At Jackson’s Lane, Highgate 1981(Writer)

Voices Warwick Arts Centre 1981(Writer/Director)





The Battle of Bosworth, 2 plays on BBC Radio

Travel talks on Radio 4

6 monologues for Radio

Books, Childrens writing, Film, Poetry, Television, Theatre