Abigail Burdess

Abigail Burdess is a writer/performer. She has written comedy for television, radio and stage. She is also a playwright and lyricist. She sometimes does stand up and character comedy.

London (Greater London)

Michele Milburn
The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL

Stop Outs - (TV Sitcom) Pilot for 6 x 30’, 2013 BBC3 Producer Gareth Edwards

Watson and Oliver - (TV Sketch Comedy) 6 x 30’ (Series 2) 2012 BBC2 Producer Gareth Edwards

Sorry I’ve Got No Head - (TV Kids Sketch Comedy) 6 x 30’ (Series 3) 2011 SO TV/CBBC Producer Jeremy Salsby

That Mitchell and Webb Look - (TV Sketch Comedy) 6 x 30’ (Series 4) 2010, BBC2 Producer Gareth Edwards

Comedy Cuts - (TV Sketch Comedy) 6 x 30’ (Series 3) 2008, ITV2 Producer Rohan Acharya

Guilty Pleasures - (TV Entertainment Pilot) 2006, Talkback/BBC Producer Simon London

Jocelyn (Radio Sketch Comedy) Pilot for 4 x 30' 2014, BBC Radio 4, Producer Gareth Edwards

That Mitchell and Webb Sound (Radio Sketch Comedy) 4 x 30’ (Series 4), 2013, BBC Radio 4, Producer Gareth Edwards

Lucy Montgomery’s Variety Pack - (Radio Sketch Comedy) 4 x 30’ (Series 2) 2011, BBC Radio 4, Producer Katie Tyrell

Abi Hour - (Radio Sketch Comedy) Pilot for 4 x 30’ 2009 BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 4, Producer Gareth Edwards

The Milk Run - (Radio Sketch Comedy) 6 x 30' BBC Radio 1, 2005, (Co-written with Cicely Giddings) Producer Victoria Lloyd

Friends Like These - (Radio Narrative Comedy) (1 of 4 x 15' Series ), 2006, (Co-written with Cicely Giddings) BBC Radio 4 Producer Claudine Toutoungi

Ipaditis - (Online Sketch Comedy) 2012, (Co-written with Cicely Giddings) BBC Online/BBC3, Producer Gareth Edwards/Francis Gilson

Ancient Emoticons - (Online Sketch Comedy) 2012, (Co-written with Cicely Giddings) BBC Online/BBC3, Producer Gareth Edwards/Francis Gilson

Fabulous Creatures - (Musical Theatre) 2014, Shoreditch Town Hall/Riverside Studios/Assembly Checkpoint/Camden People's Theatre, Producer Will Bourdillon/The Ruby Dolls

Adultery - (Theatre) 2014, Arcola Theatre, Producer Will Bourdillon/Miniaturists

All The Single Ladies - (Theatre) 2012, National Tour, Producer Richard Temple

Not In My Book - (Live Comedy/Theatre), 2010/2011, (Co-written with Cicely Giddings) Etcetera Theatre, Producer It's Alright For Some

Abigail Burdess And The Space Clowns - (Live Comedy/Theatre), 2008, Etcetera Theatre, Producer It's Alright For Some

Abigail Burdess - (Live Comedy/Theatre), 2008, The Pleasance, Producer Phil McIntyre Entertainment

The Two Faces of Mitchell and Webb - (Live Comedy/Theatre), (Additional material) 2008, National Tour, Producer Phil McIntyre Entertainment

Genius For Dummies  - (Live Comedy/Theatre), 2005, (Co-written with Cicely Giddings) The Pleasance, Producer CKP Entertainment

The Four Queens Poker Club - (Live Comedy) 2005, Gilded Balloon, Amused Moose

Imaginary Menagerie Managers - (Live Comedy/Theatre), 2004, (Co-written with Cicely Giddings) The Gilded Balloon, Producer CKP Entertainment

The Experts of Wrong - (Live Comedy/Theatre), 2003, (Co-written with Cicely Giddings) The Gilded Balloon, Producer Marlene Zwickler

Live! At the Mausoleum - (Live Comedy/Theatre), 2002, (Co-written with Cicely Giddings), The Gilded Balloon, Producer The Cat's Mother

The Three Wise Men - (Devised Theatre) 2002, Battersea Arts Centre, Producer Mark Currie/Blow Up Theatre


The Mourners - (Short Film), 2002, Producer Dominic Burdess (Winner Best Screenplay San Francisco Short Film Festival 2002)

Animation, Books, Childrens writing, Comedy, Film, Online writing, Poetry, Radio, Television, Theatre