Shirley Day Day

 I am a writer for film, theatre and prose.

I’ve had nine feature film commissions in the past three years. One was selected for Raindance 2019. One is in post.

I have had my theatre plays performed at Soho Theatre, The Arcola, High Tide, Ink, Edinburgh Festival and now The Pleasance.

My short stories have been broadcast on BBC radio 4.  Published in Twisted 50. Published by the Dangerous women project, and available through Amazon.

My Novel - The Insect House was shortlisted for the Bath Novel Award.

I am currently working on a YA series.

I am a quick writer, able to write to briefs and handle re-writes efficiently.

I am represented for my prose writing with Lisa Babalis at Curtis Brown.

I teach screenwriting at the FSU (Florida State University in London)

East Anglia

For novel and prose commissions: Lisa Babalis Curtis Brown
For film and theatre work:


THE HOUSE SITTER (feature. Pre-production)

A GAME OF TWO HALVES ( feature. Currently in post)

MY DAY (feature) selected for Raindance 2019

THE PRISONERS CINEMA (feature & musical) in production.

ONE BLOOD (Nollywood feature)

A BRIEF TIME LINE OF ENEMIES AND FRIENDS (theatre) appeared Edinburgh 2017.

THE BODY NEXT DOOR (feature) green-lit.

PORTRAIT AND LANDSCAPE (theatre) appeared at The Pleasance.


Please see website for more credits.


Books, Childrens writing, Comedy, Film, Radio, Scripted reality, Short story, Television, Theatre

A library. Julia, stands with her back to us.

A member of the audience (young woman) is asked to take her flowers.


Gemma! (turns to the audience)
Twenty- five years I have been library manager. They said it would be difficult to enter such a tight knit community. But I can honestly say I do feel as if I belong.

Little Gemma. First time I came across her, she was just a tiddler and now ... final year at law school! Not that I\\\'m surprise. Gemma has always had the determination of a pit bull terrier: read Ulysses, only fifteen, without incurring one late fine.

I always say forget Shakespeare, it\\\'s books, not eyes, that are the windows to the soul.

The council cuts ... well ... short sighted, that’s what that is. I could have saved the NHS a great deal of money by giving an early diagnosis of Mrs Talbot\\\'s Munchausen\\\'s: “Maladies you never knew existed” combined with extended borrowing of “Twenty ways to keep your doctor on his toes.”

It\\\'s not just books that speak volumes, reading habits provoke conversation. People like to explain why they\\\'re borrowing certain books. They might say; “Charley Dickens - I\\\'m studying him at night school, or “Keeping Goats - I\\\'m thinking of going into the cheese making business.”

All in all, over the years, I’ve gotten to know more about my fellow man than is perhaps necessary.

But to be candid ... these past six months... this murder, well It has, so to speak, put the cat amongst the pigeons.

It may appear that I have not been ... as involved ... as some ... in the proceedings ... but .... I feel now ... at this point it might be best to ..... lay my cards on the table.

I have always admired the library at Hortishall Hall, though not officially open to the public. I have found the Royal British Legion fete, third Sunday in June, fortuitus. It being perfectly plausible to lose ones way, in search of the lavatories.

It was well worth a visit: a number of first editions, some signed, an Elliot with a lovely dedication and a doodle of a butterfly. I\\\'m not sure if Elliot actually did the doodle, or someone added that at a later date. But ...

Look at me, I’ve come over all emotional. Twenty five

I can\\\'t say as I wasn\\\'t disappointed never to have received an official invitation. However, I found comfort in the will ... not will as in self determination. No, Lord Hotershall\\\'s will: his Last Will and testament. You see I heard things from our lovely local solicitor Reese Trumpington.

(to Reese) Please put your hand up Reese, so everyone can see where you are. That’s right. Don’t be shy.

Now Reese reads books which I would class as porn.

Reese on the other hand would class as having a mildly erotic nature. Isn’t that right Reese? And that, of course, is why you’re always so keen to talk, when the self-service machine is out of action.

(to Audience) Reese opens the book offering me the barcode like he\\\'s trying to be helpful. But I don\\\'t need to see the jackets of “Babes of Babylon” or “Three Large Ladies on a Camel,” to know that these are not biblical texts.