Anita Sullivan

Writing includes radio drama, site-specific theatre, podcasts, animation and interactive video.

My work is very varied but typically explores the connection between the past and the present, humans and our environment.

All of my 60+ commissioned plays have been staged/ filmed/ broadcast, many with revised productions and tours. Several have won awards. I've had over 20 hours of drama broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

South East

Recent works broadcast on Radio 4 include:

  • Ring, adapted from Koji Suzuki's novel for Fright Night 2015

  • Gull Therapy, about aphasia, language and seagulls. 2015

  • Mercury 13, documentary drama about the women who passed NASA astronaut selection tests in the 1960's. 2014

  • The Bee Maker, drama about the end of bees. Part of Dangerous Visions season 2014.

  • Infinite Possibilities and Unlikely Probabilities, three short stories. 2014

  • The Octopus, drama about animal consciousness. 2014

  • An Angel at my Table, adapted from Janet Frame's autobiography as a Classic Serial. 2013

  • The Last Breath, improvised documentary drama about the exhibition of a man's dying breath. 2013

Please see my website for a complete list of works and awards, with script excerpts.

Books, Radio, Short story, Theatre, Videogames

20 plus