Mark Wilson

From first draft to final cut - Mark is an award-winning writer and creative executive with decades of production experience in the BBC and ITV.


Bill Schultz, CEO, Home Plate Entertainment, USA: "Creative! Very good to work with. Mark is energetic and has a great collaborative spirit. His experience and talent are invaluable!"

Obie Scott Wade, Head Writer, Nickelodeon Animation Studio, USA: "Mark was brought onto SheZow to review scripts for network compliance purposes and creative feedback. His work was so spot-on in both areas I cannot wait to work with him again. He is talented and a pleasure to work with."

Gill Carr, CEO, Moody Street Productions, Australia: "Mark is an extremely experienced Kids professional. I could not recommend a more dedicated, committed individual who goes the extra mile time and time again. Well liked by all the team!"

Lorraine Thomas, Chief Exec., Parent Coaching Academy: "Mark is one of the most creative and fun producers I've ever worked with and has bags of energy and a real 'can do' attitude." 

UK Songwriting Competition: "Overall Winner in 2007. This outstanding entry was described by the judges as a 'heartfelt, gentle and emotional lyric dealing with a universal theme'. The judges were impressed by the song's construction and its 'vivid, sincere and tender imagery'."

London (Greater London)

Current projects:

- [TITLE TBC] - live-action biopic - adaptation - scriptwriter & Exec Producer (UK & USA).
- [TITLE TBC] - musical theatre - book & lyrics (UK).
- CHEESY MOVIE - pitch bible, script & lyrics (UK & UAE).

- MR MOTIVATOR - global documentary series - creator & writer (UK).

Previous projects:

- BIG WORDS, SMALL STORIES - script consultant (MSK; Big Jump, Canada; Telegael).
- BOOBA - scripts - Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime (3D Sparrow).

- KUU KUU HARAJUKU - Head of Digital - musical comedy (MSK Aus; Nick USA).
- SHEZOW - script consultant - kids comedy (MSK Aus; The Hub Network, USA).
- THE LAST STATION - script consultant - sci-fi - teens (Sylvia Anderson Productions).
- AWESOME MAGICAL TALES - scripts - kids comedy (The Hub Network, USA).
- MATT HATTER CHRONICLES - scripts - kids action/adventure (Nickelodeon & CITV).
- NEWSJACK - topical gags - adult satire (Radio 4 Extra).
- NEWSREVUE - sketches & lyrics - adult satire (Canal Cafe Theatre, London).
- THE TREASON SHOW - sketches & lyrics - adult satire (Rialto Theatre, Brighton).
- UFO DIARIES - script consultant - horror sci-fi (Moody Street Films, Australia).

- UK SONGWRITING CONTEST 2007 - Lyric and Overall Winner (gold disc).
- TOONATTIK - parody songs (ITV & CITV Channel)



Animation, Books, Childrens writing, Comedy, Comedy (topical), Film, Radio, Television, Theatre