Candidate Membership

Candidate Membership is open to any writer who has not yet had at least one professional contract for writing in terms at or above the WGGB minimum terms as outlined below. The cost of Candidate Membership is £108 per year. Please note: you can only pay in instalments by Direct Debit.

For existing members who wish to renew their membership please go to membership renewals section

Eligibility for Full Membership: points system

A Full Member shall be any person who has accumulated 8 Membership Points. Membership points shall be allocated as follows, subject to the discretion of the Executive Council:

  • For each single piece of written work of any description for which reasonable payment has been received under written contract, in terms not less favourable than those existing in current minimum terms agreements negotiated by WGGB (where such agreements exist)

    8 POINTS

  • For each single piece of marketed written work produced or published commercially other than under the terms of the previous paragraph

    4 POINTS

  • For each completed year of Candidate Membership (up to four years)

    1 POINT

  • For each self-published work

    1 POINT

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