Photo of Big Ben with a sign saying 'General Election 2024'

General Election 2024 – what does it mean for your union?

With a General Election fast-approaching on 4 July, we thought we’d answer a few questions we often get asked by our members.

WGGB is a trade union NOT affiliated to a political party. This means we are strictly governed by Electoral Commission rules, and our own rulebook too. Our members have a broad range of views. We therefore cannot, and do not, seek to influence how our members vote or indeed support any specific political party.

As a trade union, however, we do believe in the importance of democracy and making individual voices heard to effect change at the collective level. If you haven’t already registered to vote, or you want to find out about voter ID which you will need in order to vote, you can find out all this information here (deadline to register to vote is 18 June). The website allows you to find out specific information relating to your location (eg England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or overseas) and also provides details on how to update your details on the Electoral Register if you’ve moved, how to find out if you are already registered, and how to apply for free voter ID if you don’t have any, plus various deadlines to do all this by.

While there are restrictions in place in the run-up to the election, we wanted to reassure you that business will be continuing as normal with our campaigning and negotiating work. We are also currently finalising a manifesto to make the case to all political parties of the importance of writers to the UK economy and creative ecology (watch this space!). Our lobbying and policy work will step up post-election too. Your union thrives on members like you getting involved on committees, in campaigns and other activity to make the UK a better place for all writers. If you’d like to get more active in your union, drop a line to

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