Freedom Theatre detentions - our response

WGGB calls for release of Ahmed Tobasi, Mustafa Sheta and Jamal Abu Joas

WGGB is deeply concerned to hear that Ahmed Tobasi, the artistic director of West Bank-based The Freedom Theatre, Mustafa Sheta, The Freedom Theatre’s producer and general manager, and acting trainer and former student Jamal Abu Joas have been arrested by Israeli forces.

At the recent WGGB AGM, the following resolution was passed, which directly referenced Freedom Theatre, a theatre and cultural centre in Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank, which stages professional theatre productions, holds theatre workshops, acting training, and exhibitions and short films:

The AGM calls upon the WGGB Executive Council to deepen existing relationships and foster new ones with our sister unions in the region, and with writers working in Palestine, Israel and the diasporas, who have faced significant attacks and intimidation in their pursuit of truth, peace and a positive creative future. As writers, we believe in the pursuit of cultural resistance to the ongoing violence as a means of freedom of expression. We ask the WGGB to work with organisations such as Freedom Theatre, Jenin and MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) Arts to this end.  

WGGB joins Pen International and others in calling for the immediate release of Ahmed Tobasi, Mustafa Sheta and Jamal Abu Joas and to the end of the Israeli Government’s targeting of writers and cultural figures. You can find out more on the Pen International website

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