National Theatre

Fee rises for playwrights at Royal Court, RSC and National Theatre

Playwrights working under our TNC Agreement will see a 4% uplift on minimum fees, thanks to WGGB’s negotiators.

The new rates are backdated to 1 April 2024 and will see the total script fee rise to £14,615 (except for the Royal Court Upstairs, which rises to £11,439). View the full rate card here.

This negotiating success follows the 6% increase agreed last year for the period from April 2023 (read more here).

WGGB Deputy General Secretary Lesley Gannon said: “These are difficult times for playwrights, many of whom, we know, are questioning how long they can afford to remain in the industry. We know the theatre sector has been facing unprecedented challenges, but it is vital that the rights and incomes of playwrights – who are so central to its success – are protected. We are therefore delighted to announce this rise on minimum fees for playwrights working under the TNC Agreement.”

WGGB’s agreements are known as minimum terms agreements because no contract can be less favourable to the playwright, though writers or their agents can negotiate better terms. They apply to all UK writers, not just WGGB members.

We have produced a Rights Card which explains the rights which UK playwrights are entitled to under our agreements.

You can view it here and a Welsh-language version here.

Image: Gonda