writer in trouble

Do you want to help writers in need?

Writers are mostly self-employed and work from home. When they hit hard times the effects can be devastating, without sick leave, IT support or other safety nets that many other workers enjoy.

The WGGB Welfare Fund has been set up to help WGGB members suffering serious financial difficulties. The Fund, which has been created with money donated by the Writers’ Guild and individual members, is distributed after an application is made to, and approved by, the Welfare Committee.

To date, the Fund has helped members who have found themselves in difficult circumstances – for example, replacing a stolen laptop to enable a member to hit a deadline, paying for special computer equipment needed by a disabled member, or even assisting with funeral expenses.

One recipient wrote: “Many, many thanks for your speedy response. The Fund has helped me out of a very tight spot.”

Full details of the Welfare Fund can be found in the Member benefits section of our website.

If you would like to contribute to this important safety net, you can make a donation to the Welfare Fund in a number of ways:

• If you are a WGGB member paying your subscriptions by Direct Debit, your donation can either be added to the next subscription payment or spread over a series of payments if it is a large donation, simply email admin@writersguild.org.uk with your name and the amount you wish to donate.

• You can send a cheque payable to Writers’ Guild of Great Britain (with Welfare Fund written on the back), to WGGB, 134 Tooley Street, London SE1 2TU.

• You can make a credit card donation over the phone. Call: 020 7833 0777.

• You can do a bank transfer (please email admin@writersguild.org.uk for details).

Further information about applying for financial assistance from the Welfare Fund can be found in the Welfare Fund section of this website.