Creative unions call on Government to show guidance over Brexit

WGGB – alongside sister unions Equity and the Musicians’ Union – have urged the Government to come forward with guidance and to stand up for creatives at the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

Writers, musicians and actors are facing continuing hardship because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has put a stop to new commissions and live performance, and many have fallen through the gaps of Government support.

At the same time, uncertainty caused by Brexit means finding new work after the transition period ends in January looks more and more challenging as the final countdown begins.

In a joint letter to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, the three unions’ General Secretaries said it was a “time of extraordinary disruption to performers and writers”, and called on the Government to clarify its position on ensuring that creative work across Europe remains viable for British artists.

They also asked for the Government to set out its position on copyright and the position of the arts in future trade deals, amid fears that the impact of leaving the bloc on the creative industries is not top of the agenda.

WGGB General Secretary Ellie Peers said: “With most British writers being self-employed and already experiencing hardship due to a lack of new commissions across the sector, now is not the time to be closing off opportunities to work.

“Equally its vital that British writers are not disadvantaged compared to their European counterparts when it comes to copyright protection and the ability to benefit from ongoing use of their work.”

Read the full letter.