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BBC radio rates increased

WGGB has negotiated 2% increases in BBC radio drama minimum rates, taking effect from 1 August 2015. This brings the headline rate to £94.51 per minute for two transmissions, or £4,252.95 for a 45-minute play on Radio 4 or Radio 3. Factoring in the 12.5% supplement that covers limited rights for iPlayer Radio and Radio 4 Extra, the package comes to £4,784.57.

We have also negotiated a new deal for renewing iPlayer Radio rights after five years, when they expire – if a drama is repeated on the network after that time, a new licence fee of 7.5% will be paid (this is separate from payments for Radio 4 Extra).

The new rate for an episode of The Archers will be £948 and the attendance allowance increases to £67 per day. There are also increases in the rates for short stories, features and talks.

The new rates were negotiated in co-operation with the Society of Authors and the Personal Managers’ Association, representing writers’ agents. View the rates on the WGGB website.

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