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75% rise in Pact TV writing fees

Screenwriters working under WGGB’s Pact television agreement will see a fee rise of over 75% thanks to negotiations by WGGB and the Personal Managers’ Association (PMA).

From 1 October 2016 the one-hour drama slot minimum fee of £7,500 rises to £13,320 for a single drama. The fee for series and serials rises to £10,570.

This is the first increase in minimum fees under the Pact agreement since 2003, and also represents a significant increase in pension contributions for screenwriters, as these are directly linked to minimum fees.

The next stage is to rewrite the television agreement. WGGB, Pact and the PMA have agreed to create a forum made up of representatives from the three organisations, which will be responsible for ensuring that the new agreement is responsibly administered and kept up-to-date.

In a joint statement, WGGB Acting General Secretary Ellie Peers said: “Renewed negotiations with Pact are off to a good start with significant increases in minimum fees being awarded to television writers working under the WGGB/Pact television agreement. We look forward to working with the PMA and Pact in the newly created negotiating forum to update and future proof the joint television agreement.”

Fiona Williams and Charlotte Knight (PMA Co-Chairs) added: “Along with WGGB, the PMA welcomes the opportunity to update minimum terms with Pact. We see this as an encouraging first step towards creating industry endorsed minimum terms for new and original television to flourish in this golden age of British drama and comedy.”

Max Rumney, Pact’s Deputy CEO and Director of Business Affairs, said: “We look forward to renewing our negotiations with the WGGB and PMA to bring our existing agreement up-to-date. In the interim, following discussions with the WGGB and PMA, Pact has agreed that rates should be increased, and that the new arrangements should have a forum in place to ensure our agreement is kept current as well as fit for purpose for producers and writers.”