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2% fee rise for TV screenwriters

Scriptwriters commissioned by the BBC and ITV will receive a 2% increase in their fees, thanks to rates rises negotiated by WGGB.

For BBC writers, minimum fees for serials and series rise to £11,400 per hour, while teleplays rise to £12,420 per hour and sketch material rises to £115 per minute (the changes are effective from 18 November 2019).

For ITV, the minimum fee paid for a one-hour drama rises to £14,342, while the attendance fee rises to £122 per day (the changes are effective from 13 November 2019)

WGGB General Secretary Ellie Peers said: “This uplift in fees for writers commissioned by two of our major broadcasters means that the wages of the lowest-paid scriptwriters in the UK not only keep pace with inflation but outstrip it, too. Writers commissioned under  ITV and BBC contracts will also see a healthy their rise in the broadcasters’ WGGB pension contributions.”

See the BBC rate card here

See the ITV rate card here