Toni 'Bones' Benedetti

Toni ‘Bones’ Benedetti

“I’m a member because WGGB supports writers to keep writing. With online meetings I can connect with other writers and find out about competitions, schemes, and other opportunities to break my scripts and novels out of my laptop and into the hands of readers.

With a Master of Arts and a PhD in Screenwriting Serious Illness Narratives, I’m keen to use my skills in my field.

Finally, no matter what I do, I’m always writing, and the WGGB is a place to nurture that compulsion.”

Toni Benedetti returned to university six years after leaving high school in order to pursue writing professionally, with an MA in Television Fiction Writing, followed by a PhD in Screenwriting Serious Illness Narratives. During that time Toni has also been developing original scriptwork independently and with help from the Witsherface writers’ group. She has had myriad work experience ranging from jobs in telesales to aircraft maintenance and has also participated in creative projects such as amateur theatre, as an actor combatant and as a front-woman in a rock, then a metal band. Read an interview with Toni here.


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