Anthony Smith

A.C.H. Smith

“I’m a member of WGGB because Baby, it’s cold outside.”

A.C.H.Smith has written over 20 plays and screenplays, including Up the Feeder, Down the Mouth and Walking The Chains. He worked for 12 years for the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre and toured Iran in the early 1970s with Peter Brook and Ted Hughes to write a book about their experiment play, Orghast. He has also published a dozen novels, poetry, and several non-fiction books, including a memoir, Wordsmith (Redcliffe Press, 2012). He has been Cilcennin Fellow in Drama, University of Bristol; writer-in-residence at the University of Texas; and director, Cheltenham Festival of Literature. He has written and presented some 200 programmes for HTV and BBC.


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