Jenny Toksvig

Jenifer Toksvig

“I’ve always worked best as a collaborator, as part of a tribe. When I wanted to step up and do something about the contracts I was being asked to sign, I came to the Writers’ Guild and made an offer to help: to do some advocacy for myself and, in the process, for my peers.

“When I made that offer, I couldn’t have imagined how much the Guild would give me in return. Now I have a huge support network of writers, with the union itself at the core. They are, above all else, the people who will treat you and your work with the consideration you deserve, the nurturing you desire, and the support you need.

“The great thing about the Guild is that stepping up can be as simple as joining up. When you join, you say ‘I am a writer’, and with that you support yourself, and your work, and your community of fellow writers. It’s win-win.

“I wish I could persuade all writers to join, at any stage of their career, from the first-time novelist, to the experimental game writer, to the seasoned journalist. We are all storytellers, and the Guild is at the heart of us all.”


Jenifer Toksvig makes musical theatre that is sometimes immersive, often created by collectives, and occasionally interspersed with gaming. She’s also an advocate for musical theatre writing. Find out more on her website.


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