Sue Teddern

Sue Teddern

‘With research just a Google click away, writers need never leave the house. It’s a solitary business, full of stress, self-doubt and too many digestive biscuits. Even as an apprentice writer, I knew it made sense to be part of a wider community; to share the highs and lows of this writing lark; to unite for fair working conditions and to speak with one (well-crafted, naturally!) voice. The practical benefits of Writers’ Guild membership are obvious. But for me, it’s a necessity. It means I’m not alone. I’m part of a union of my peers, every single one of whom understands and respects what I do every day.’


Sue Teddern writes for TV (including Homefront, Birds of a Feather, Happy Together) and radio (including, In Mates, Three Women in a Motorhome). She has been a Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the Universities of Sussex, East Anglia and Essex. Her book, Writing for TV & Radio: A Writers’ & Artists’ Companion (co-written with Nick Warburton) will be published by Bloomsbury in October 2015.

Listen to a podcast of Sue Teddern talking about her writing career (recorded in April 2013).


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