Poppy Corbett

Poppy Corbett

“I first joined the Writers’ Guild when I needed contract advice. The Guild staff were very helpful and looked over the documents for me, offering suggestions over the phone.

“I work in theatre but through the Guild I’ve met writers from other industries: this has been really interesting and expanded my professional horizons. There are membership events, meetings and benefits throughout the year.

“The Guild works for you. They negotiate better rates and fairer treatment for writers. All writers are unknowingly supported by the work the Guild does. It feels good to give something back and remember we’re in it together, part of a UK-wide organisation.

“Since I joined the Guild I’ve ended up on two committees. That’s the way with the Guild – you knock on the door and suddenly find yourself with a protest banner in hand, down the pub with other writers or becoming a committee member! Being a committee member has increased my industry knowledge and provided the opportunity to become involved with the Guild’s daily life. Everyone at the Guild genuinely cares about writers. Sometimes, it seems the Guild ARE the only ones who care! But they’re working to change that…

“I’m an early-career writer and the Guild has already benefited me, professionally and socially. I’d encourage all writers to join, from experienced novelists to first-time playwrights. It’s the best money I’ve spent on my writing career. (Except, you know, pens and stuff…)”

Poppy Corbett is a playwright, theatre director and teacher of creative writing. Her play Hatchling won the inaugural Masterclass ‘Pitch Your Play’ competition in 2013. She is represented by Nick Quinn at The Agency.


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