Nina Rapi

Nina Rapi

“Because I like to belong and to have my rights protected.

“Because I believe in collective strength.

“Because the WGGB provides valuable support and information.”

Photo by Christos Kyriazidis

Nina Rapi’s plays include: Un/certainties (Α/βεβαιότητες), Splinters, Angelstate, Wild Beats (Άγριες Νότες), Kiss the Shadow, Reasons to Hide, Edgewise, Lovers, Josie’s Restrooms, Ithaka, which have been produced/presented in venues such as: the National Theatre of Greece, Theatro Technis, K.E.T., Aggelon Vima, and Theatro Embros (Athens, Greece); Riverside Studios, Soho Studio Theatre, Lyric Studio Theatre, Royal Festival Hall (London Literature Festival); Tristan Bates Theatre, ICA, Gielgud Theatre, West End Shorts Season (London, UK); Estaca Zero Teatro (Porto, Portugal); and Bits Festival (Pirani, India).

She is the recipient of: two Arts Council writing awards, a group award (Seven Plays by Women, Raymond Williams Award), a Best Play Award (Ithaka, BITS Festival, India), High Recommendation (Lovers, Future Perfect competition). She also wrote the libretto for the opera Raven, staged at Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens.

Analysis of her work and her own essays have been published by Cambridge University Press, Routledge, Harwood, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Mimesis Edizioni, amongst others. She is the Founding Editor of BRAND Literary Magazine. She has taught creative writing at the universities of London and Greenwich for many years.

Her short stories have been published in anthologies and literary journals. Her latest collection State of Fugue was published by Kedros in Athens.

For more information visit her website.


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