Meg Davis

Meg Davis

“One of the key roles for the WGGB is setting minimum terms for writers, which not only protects newer writers, but provides a foundation for agents to build on with more established writers. It’s very important to have a strong union, and the WGGB punches above its weight.

“The WGGB also maintains good international contacts, as well as relationships with allied organisations in the UK such as the Personal Managers’ Association (PMA). As digitisation has a globalising effect, this enables us to look after writers in the wider world.

“Besides a considerable wealth of expertise among the team, it’s an organisation with its heart in the right place, as shown by its administration of awards, and – in my experience – genuine concern for individual writers. That, for me, is what it’s all about.”

Meg is an agent at Ki Agency Ltd, representing authors and scriptwriters, as well as film/TV rights for some other agencies. She has served as a Co-Chair of the Dramatists’ section of the PMA. Currently she is Treasurer of the Association of Authors’ Agents, Chair of the Writers’ Organisations Advisory Group, and the external examiner for the postgraduate scriptwriting course at Sheffield Hallam.


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