Mata Haggis

Mata Haggis PhD

“Videogames are a young medium in comparison to other fields of writing. They are evolving very rapidly and provide constant new challenges. Being a member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain allows me to support the appreciation of unique works in this media, alongside assisting and finding shared interests in the professionalisation of videogame writers’ working practices.”

Doctor Mata Haggis is an award-winning game designer and writer with experience of both AAA and indie development. He has been working in games and digital media for over 15 years.

He is the Professor of Creative and Entertainment Games at NHTV University, and has spoken regarding game design, diversity, and narrative design at numerous international events, including multiple GDC conferences.

Dr Haggis is the founder of Copper Stone Sea, a narrative design consultancy and training company with the goal of building the storytelling capacity of game creators through advice and in-house skills development.

Dr Haggis is available for interviews on these topics and other issues relating to storytelling and game design.

For more information or to contact Mata please visit the Copper Stone Sea website.


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