Martin Baldock

Martin Baldock

“After 50 years of reading and being utterly beguiled by the very best authors, I’ve had the audacity to think I might have something to say, to amuse; to entertain, to provoke. Of course, we’re never good enough, the standards to which we aspire fall short, I hope that readers are not quite so critical as myself.”

I have no biography, I’ve always paled into the background like Woodchip wallpaper; the man that never was.

I have recently ‘penned’ a dark and mildly amusing account of Norfolk contractors working throughout the UK; Auf Wiedersehen Pet meets Trainspotting. Recounting true tales from the drug-addled 90s that deserve to be held in posterity, it is written as a 6-episode TV comedy – comedy… if you appreciate that kind of humour, a vicious satire if not.


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