Jonathan David Ellison

Jonathan David Ellison

“I joined this Guild, because my lifelong goal is to write scripts for feature films, to get them produced and one day to direct one of them. Another goal is to have at least one of those films released in public cinemas.

“I also joined, because I would like to collaborate with other screenwriters and film-makers. In addition, I intend to connect with an agent who specialises in writing and to gain as many contacts to film producers/companies as possible, plus the opportunity to share my script ideas with someone trustworthy and professional. I possess a high percentage of faith in this Guild and I believe that this experience will support my development in a professional and constructive manner.”

Jonathan David Ellison was born in Montreal, Canada, but raised in Leicester, England. The second son of an engineer and eye-physician, his original career ambition was to design aircraft, after watching the TV shows by Gerry Anderson as a child. But it wasn’t until his teens when Jon was inspired to enter the film industry while studying A-Level film studies. He wrote his first full screenplay (Keep Feeling) Fascination, a Human League musical, at the age of 17. He took his ambitions further and enrolled to study a film-making course at the University of Northampton. One of his short films, Magic Midget, was screened at the Picturedrome in Northampton. To this end, he earned a Bachelor’s degree. Jon continues to extend his film-production portfolio. He has earned a Master’s degree in creative writing which he studied at De Montfort University. He is currently writing short and feature film scripts. Recently, he won two Best Global Shorts awards for his short film, The Jock & The Chav (Best Fictional Short and Best Comedy).


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