Jarek Adams

“Writing for theatre is a tough business, but recognising that it’s a business was a useful step for me in my career. I’m still an emerging writer, despite having five Arts Council funded projects under my belt. So having the support and access to advice from the Writers’ Guild has been really valuable to me. I’ve attended workshops and events that have given me new information, and that also helped me to network with other writers. I run a project for writers who are at an earlier stage of development than myself, and pass on the skills and information I gain from my network to them.

“So it’s really a fantastic support network, and being awarded an Olwen Wymark Theatre Encouragement Award in 2015 really helped to raise my profile as a playwright.”



Jarek Adams is a playwright and author who also runs workshops for writers. Her latest play The Mysterious Gentleman runs at the Courtyard Theatre in London from 31 October to 18 November 2017. You can find a full biography on her website.


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