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Playwrights: know your rights

Playwrights in Great Britain enjoy the best rights in the world – thanks to agreements negotiated by WGGB over many years.

As a result of our three theatre agreements, benefits for playwrights include:

• Annual fee raises
• Protection on royalties, collaboration, copyright and textual integrity
• A ‘bill of rights’, including the right to attend rehearsals (and be paid for doing so), set expenses and the right to be consulted on publicity and personnel.

We have recently updated our publication The Working Playwright: Agreements and Contracts, which simplifies our three theatre agreements in non-contractual English, and concentrates on the clauses which matter most to writers.

You can find the updated guide here.

We have also produced a new rights card for playwrights, which spells out the eight key rights that playwrights working under two of our agreements (TNC and UK Theatre) are eligible for.

You can view and download a copy here.

All playwrights, whether they are WGGB members or not, are entitled to these rights. However, the more members we have, the stronger we are as a union, and the better terms we can negotiate in future.

WGGB represents playwrights at all stages of their careers, and you can join online or by phone: 020 7833 0777.

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