Harvey Weinstein

WGGB response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal

Following allegations that have rocked Hollywood and reverberated around the world, WGGB issued the following statements:

WGGB President Olivia Hetreed said:

“In an overwhelmingly freelance industry that sits uneasily on the fence between commerce and art, exploitation has always been a problem and still is. Whether that is bullying a writer to work for free, because ‘with one more draft we have a shot at getting this made’, or making an actor come out for a drink or more to discuss a potential role, it can seem minor but is the bottom of an ugly pile. Writers, for example, find their work rewritten without their consent or even knowledge.

“Nobody wants to speak out because if you get a reputation as a ‘troublemaker’ you do not get hired again. In the abstract people may admire telling truth to power but in practice they would rather not hear it. A good producer makes sure there is a safe space for complaints to be heard but on many shoots that is not done or not respected. And if a complaint is made often nothing changes.

“The Federation of Entertainment Unions (FEU), of which WGGB is part, have been tackling this through their joint Creating Without Conflict campaign.

“The FEU Creating Without Conflict survey found that bullying, harassment and discrimination are rife in the creative industries, and we are determined that our members should not have to face this.”

WGGB Chair Gail Renard said:

“The way women are treated by some of the powers-that-be in our industry often echoes the way women are depicted on the screen.

“Women in our industry — and all industries — have the right to do their work without personal compromise and fear.”

Find out more about the Creating Without Conflict campaign.

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