WGGB responds to games abuse allegations

Following allegations that have emerged in the games industry in the past week, WGGB General Secretary Ellie Peers said:

“We are deeply shocked to read the recent harrowing allegations of sexual assault, abuse and harassment in the videogames industry, going back years, and involving multiple perpetrators. These allegations paint a damning picture of an industry tainted by widespread and systemic abuse where people are working in a toxic environment, living in fear of their lives and suffering ongoing trauma.  We applaud and support anyone who speaks out about abuse.

“The videogames industry needs to catch up with the rest of the creative industry and put strategies in place to tackle bullying and harassment. As a trade union we have always campaigned to stamp out abuse wherever we find it. We will continue to do so. We will be watching these developments very closely and invite our videogames members to contact us if they need support or advice, in confidence, following these allegations.”

Andrew S. Walsh, WGGB Videogames Chair, said: “The videogames industry has recently heard a series of allegations of abuse and harassment. They have covered AAA companies to indies, with a number of individuals alleged to have preyed upon those who sought a career that was supposed to be creative, cooperative and safe, as well as companies that stand accused of being either complicit in these incidents, or in their covering up.

“We believe these problems run deep in the videogames industry. The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain stands with all those who have suffered abuse and calls upon the industry to review its working practices within companies, events and conferences. If anyone has been affected by such issues, please know that the Writers’ Guild hears you and will support those impacted.

“We call upon our members to be vigilant and to report (named, or anonymously) any such abuses, in confidence. We owe it to each other to offer an ear and support.”

Members can email games@writersguild.org.uk

WGGB Chair Lisa Holdsworth said: “It’s really not much to ask that people are allowed to do their jobs in a safe and non-exploitative environment. And yet, these allegations suggest this seems beyond the abilities of some employers.

“As ever, the WGGB is here for anyone who has been subject to traumatic experiences.”