2% pay increase for BBC TV writers

WGGB has negotiated a 2% increase in all minimum rates for BBC TV drama and scripted comedy, including sketches. This brings the flagship rate for original TV drama to £11,520 for a one-hour schedule slot. A typical half-hour episode of a series or serial comes to £5,250. And in many cases, these fees are augmented by the same amount again as an advance against future repeats, overseas sales, DVDs, etc.

TV sketches are now worth a minimum of £107 per minute.

The new rates took effect from 1 November 2015. For more details see the WGGB BBC TV rate card.

WGGB General Secretary Bernie Corbett said: “Once again, despite the dire financial position of the BBC, we have convinced them that they must protect the living standards of the writers – without whom there would be no drama or comedy programmes. We hope the BBC will stick to its ambition to increase, not cut, the amount of drama that is produced.

“We are also in negotiations with the BBC on a radical revision of our trade union collective agreements, in the light of the BBC’s intention to hive off its in-house production department into a separate autonomous company. This has profound implications for the entire UK TV industry, and as usual the WGGB is ahead of the game and on top of all the issues. We will report back our progress to members as soon as we can.”

WGGB’s trade union collective agreements with the BBC are negotiated in co-operation with the Personal Managers’ Association (PMA), representing writers’ agents.