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ITV writers get 5% fee increase

ITV is increasing its minimum rates for writers by 5% from 1 May 2015 following negotiations with the WGGB and the PMA (the agents’ trade association).

This means that the flagship rate for a one-hour drama goes up to £13,283, with the rate for series/serials rising to £10,395. For long-running series the minimum rate increases to £3,465 per half-hour slot length.

WGGB General Secretary Bernie Corbett said: “These increases are welcome, as we have waited a long time to improve ITV minimum rates. ITV is now a successful company and it is right that the success should be shared with writers, as well as other workers. We remain in negotiation with ITV to improve the money they pay to writers for using their material on video-on-demand services such as ITV Player, which will be distributed via Writers Digital Payments.”

The previous rates, which have remained in force since they were negotiated in 2011, were:

Original teleplay: £12,650
Series/serials: £9,900
Long-running series £3,300

You can view the new ITV rate card here.