WGGB backs US sister union in ITV dispute


Thursday 10 May 2018 saw WGGB outside ITV’s annual shareholders’ meeting in London in the latest chapter of the long-running battle between the broadcaster and the Writers Guild of America East (WGAE).

WGGB stood alongside members of BECTU and WGAE, supporting the WGAE in its campaign against discrimination and unequal pay suffered by US writer-producers, and in its long-standing calls for union recognition.

WGGB chair Gail Renard said: “All employees have a right to fair and equal remuneration regardless of gender or colour. All should have the same opportunities for advancement and be able to do their jobs free from harassment, discrimination or retaliation.

“ITV employees in the US have voted to be represented by the WGAE. We call upon ITV to acknowledge that we all have the same aims – to make the best television shows possible – and to address their workers’ problems ASAP.”