WGGB backs campaign against VAT on ebooks

CAVe (CUT Against VAT on ebooks) is a campaign that gives an opportunity for individuals to petition against VAT on ebooks. Led by CUT, a recently established epublishing community platform where professional and semi-professional writers can freely get their work digitally published and marketed to a global reading audience, this campaign is in the interests of all writers and readers.

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is joining CUT and the National Association of Writers in Education to lend its support to this petition. If you wish to participate, please sign the petition and pass the word to friends, family and contacts.

Although traditional books have been excluded from VAT since it was established over 40 years ago, calling an ebook “a program download” was all that was required to extend artificially the scope of VAT into taxing literature.

CAVe wants the UK Treasury to begin the process of abolition unilaterally and then to lobby the EU to do likewise.