tax breaks

“Tax breaks today are great for people who pay tax today”

Commenting on the 2015 Budget, which expanded existing tax credits for TV, film and videogames, General Secretary of WGGB Bernie Corbett said:

“It took a lot of pressure and campaigning to persuade the Government to provide serious tax-break incentives to film, high-end TV and videogames. But we were right, and they are working fabulously well, and it is terrific that George Osborne gets this and is improving these policies.

“But given that Mr Osborne recognises that ‘our creative industries are already a huge contributor to the British economy’, why does he continue to starve the subsidised arts sector, including BFI and Arts Council England, of cash?

“These are the places where the talent of tomorrow will come from. Tax breaks today are great for people who pay tax today. But strangling emerging culture, arts and entertainment only means that there won’t be anybody there to benefit from tax breaks in a few years’ time.”

Tax breaks graphic above: Shutterstock/Stuart Miles