So you want to work in videogames?


videogames event

The UK represents the fifth largest videogames market in the world, but how do you break into the industry, and what sort of jobs are available? And how do a writer’s usual tools (story, character and dialogue) function in a videogame?

WGGB and the Royal Television Society hosted an event in Leeds on 18 November 2014 to explore this growing industry, with a chance to ask the professionals questions. Speakers included Steve Ince, Chair of the WGGB Videogames Committee.

Steve is a writer, consultant and games designer with 21 years’ experience in the games industry who has enjoyed much success and acclaim, during his time with Revolution Software and as a freelancer since then. His most recent work includes writing dialogue for Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, released earlier this year.

He was joined by games developer, writer and lecturer Richard Boon; and Emma Cooper, Business Development Manager at award-winning creative digital agency Rckt.

Mark Bearly, one of the attendees, wrote a report of the event; while Steve Ince has produced a number of Gamewriter Bites! short videos, including one on how to break into the industry. The full library is available on his YouTube channel.