Report highlights pressures on carers working in TV and film

Pressure group Raising Films has launched a report, supported by Carers UK, into people with caring responsibilities who are working, or who have worked, in the screen industries.

The report, We Need To Talk About Caring, is the first investigation into carers working in the UK film and TV industries and it aims to query the impact that caring responsibilities have on those within the workforce, focusing on those who care for people other than dependent children.

Ming Ho

WGGB member Ming Ho (right), whose own experience of caring for a mother afflicted with dementia inspired her Guild Award-winning radio drama The Things We Never Said, commented: “Carers are not a separate group in society. Any of us might be or become a carer, many without making a conscious choice to do so or even realising that’s what we are. Any change to make working practices more accommodating to carers will benefit us all.”

The range of narrative responses to the survey demonstrated the complex and varied nature of caring responsibilities. Some 82% of respondents stated that the impact of caring on their role in the screen industries has been negative and 36% of respondents said they earn under £10,000 a year.

The survey invited respondents to list three solutions to the challenges faced by carers in the screen sector. The top three solutions were awareness, flexibility and support.

WGGB member Tracy Brabin MP said: “Balancing caring responsibilities with work is something millions face every day in our country, and there is compelling evidence to suggest that caring responsibility is made more difficult for freelancers and the self-employed – and we’ve got to help these workers.”

Raising Films will now be inviting the film and TV industries to make a commitment to address the clear desire from respondents for more awareness, flexibility and support as well as launching a ribbon award which will be awarded to acknowledge activity that takes into the account the needs of both carers and parents working in film and TV.

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If you are a carer in need of support, you can contact Carers UK on 0808 808 7777.