Herne Bay beach huts

Radio goes to the beach

WGGB is sponsoring the fourth UK International Radio Drama Festival which will run at Herne Bay later this month.

The festival is the only independently produced event of its kind dedicated to the medium in the UK, although the country is one of the biggest consumers of radio drama.

Run by Nicholas McInerny, Co-Chair of the WGGB’s Radio Committee, the festival will feature 50 dramas from 17 countries in 15 languages.

There will be prizes in three categories: Long form (£2,000), Short form (£750) and an Audience Award, voted for by listeners online and in person. The festival has a dedicated outreach programme, including commissioning a play for people with dementia and a children’s festival.

A diverse schedule of plays will be broadcast at Beach Creative, Beach Street, and Pettman House, in Hanover Square, with its classic 1930s boarding house living room. Festival delegates will be able to listen to plays over cups of tea and scones, and debate each production every evening. You can also listen to the plays online for the duration of the festival on its website.

The festival, which takes place from 19 to 23 March 2018, is co-sponsored by the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society. Admission is free.

More information and full programme.

Photo: Shutterstock/CBCK.