Meet the Agents

WGGB held a special event on the evening of Monday 1 June 2015 to help writers find out about the role of agents in their career.

A panel of agents from different agencies spoke about:

• The role of an agent
• Whether an agent is essential for your career as a writer
• When you should start looking for an agent
• The best way to approach an agent when you’re ready.

The panel discussion closed with an audience Q&A.

We were pleased to be able to welcome to the panel Meg Davis from Ki Agency, Rob Kraitt from Casarotto Ramsay & Associates. and Emily Hickman from The Agency.

The event was free to WGGB members and included a free drink afterwards.

It took place at St Albans Centre, London EC1.

You can read author Richard Holliday’s post about the event on his blog.

All photos: Em Fitzgerald