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Artificial Intelligence – a threat to the future of writing? 

Ubisoft’s unveiling of its ‘writer-supporting AI’ Ghostwriter software at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco yesterday (21 March 2023) has led to much debate on social media in the international games writing community on how AI may affect the craft of writing. 

Ubisoft claimed that Ghostwriter “isn’t replacing the video game writer”, but instead, assisting with laborious tasks which “gives scriptwriters more time to polish the narrative elsewhere.” 

WGGB Videogames Co-Chair Andrew S Walsh, whose credits include Prince of Persia, Fable and Horizon: Forbidden West, said:

“With all new technologies there are risks and opportunities. Whilst WGGB acknowledges that there are potential benefits in using AI assistance as a tool in the creative process, it is also clear that certain employers will seek to replace people with software.

“It is important that businesses and legislators recognise the current limits of this technology and that, in most cases, it represents Artificial Imitation not Artificial Intelligence.  

“As research moves forward, WGGB would like to see a clearer answer from governments about how policy, funding and tax breaks will be used to ensure a continuation of jobs and artistic quality across the creative sectors.  

“Companies planning to use Artificial Intelligence should understand the dangers that rushing into embracing it can mean when it comes to the quality of their projects.  

“We look forward to future conversations on this topic and to helping all parties move forward in a way that puts creators and art first.” 

WGGB is currently looking into the implications of AI for writers across all its craft areas to inform a strategy to best protect their interests.